Our Systematic Process for Advisor Selection:

  • Create, in coordination with the family and its SFO, a Request for Information (RFI) that is specific to the family's needs and the advisors it wishes to retain.
  • Identify a slate of qualified potential advisors for the family and its SFO to be invited to respond to the questionnaire.
  • Assess the advisors in terms of their responses to the questionnaire and other financial and non-financial metrics; present the results of the analysis to the family and the SFO.
  • Assist the family and the SFO in choosing which of the responding advisors should be interviewed by the family and the SFO; participate in and guide the interviews.
  • Assist the family and the SFO in evaluating the result of the interviews.
  • Assist with the transition process including contract negotiations.
  • Provide periodic review of advisors in terms of adherence to, and execution of, the family and the SFO's mandates as well as team communications.
  • Design and execute processes that will facilitate communication among all advisors to improve sharing of relevant facts and information with families and their SFOs.

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