Typical Engagement

We provide a systematic, objective and confidential approach for families and their SFOs to use when selecting advisors.
Instead of being sold services, they become knowledgeable buyers for the services they need.


  1. Meet with family members and the SFO to discuss needs/goals, current advisors and their effectiveness, history and other relevant information.
  2. Establish with the family which advisors are needed and develop criteria for each selection. A timeline for the selection process is agreed upon.
  3. Create, in coordination with the family and its SFO, a confidential customized Request for Information ("RFI"), and - as appropriate, a Request for Proposal ("RFP"), that are specific to the family’s needs and the advisors it wishes to retain.
  4. Analyze the RFI responses and review conclusions with the family and the SFO. The finalists are then selected for the next steps which could include formal visits by SFO ADVISOR SELECT, but would always include formal interviews by the family and the SFO.
  5. Together with the Family, and the SFO , interview the finalist service providers. (Prior to the meeting, we provide question guides to the family and the SFO professionals for use during the interviews.)
  6. Arrange a meeting with the family, the SFO and SFO ADVISOR SELECT. The criteria for the service provider relationship are documented. Oversee/assist with contract negotiations, if requested.
  7. Review the state of the relationship after an interim period and provide report/recommendations to the family and the SFO.

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