Our Mission

Provide objective, rigorous, thoughtful and customized processes to families and their single family offices (SFOs) to help them choose and retain BEST IN CLASS ADVISORS. Families and their SFOs are thus empowered with broad and deep knowledge to make thoughtful and long-lasting choices of advisors.

Provide to families and their SFOs a new, pioneering approach to accessing and retaining the best possible advice on an integrated, coordinated basis.

Our Clients

We serve families and their dedicated offices.

A family establishes a single family office (SFO) as a private, confidential entity, or group of professionals within an operating business, to address and manage some or all of a family's investment, estate planning, tax, legal, reporting, philanthropic and lifestyle needs. An SFO centralizes the management of a family’s wealth, including the oversight of outside advisors on an ongoing basis. Generally an SFO's goal is to preserve and ensure the transfer of wealth across generations but some SFOs are established to address specific issues such as family philanthropy.

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